who we are

A team
ICD is a global center of excellence specialized in thinking skills with the firm intention to add value to innovative

We are passionate about the brain, psychology and thinking, and apply our knowledge, skills and experience in
these fields to provide our customers with consulting services, facilitation and innovative and inspiring development programs.
ICD Values

Our business is based on five core values ​​that are rooted in how we work:

Freshness – To find surprising solutions to problems. It is necessary to promote the habit of trying new things and to be comfortable with the unpredictable.

Passion – Our goal is to be providers of energy to our customers, not consumers.

Action – We intend to leave our mark, making things happen. It is the goal, overcoming obstacles.

Trust – in every sense. Working with the client with a vision of true partner in all our projects.

Courage – The willingness to experiment and try new things. Telling it as it is, to pass across the uncertainty and be prepared to find new ways.



Our company is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of professionals lead by Ezequiel Beneït and Venanci Fonfria.

We are a team action-oriented, serious, happy and committed.


ICD Team Leaders

Ezequiel Beneït

At the Polytechnic University of Catalonia studied Industrial Engineering followed by Master in Total Quality Management in Services.

Later on I attended business school ESADE Master in Business Administration (MBA).

In the Kelley Business School (USA) in a graduate program I began the road to creativity as a key to all organizations that want to innovate.

In order to expand on creative thinking I attended seminars in the Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking (University of Malta).

we are certified by de Bono Thinking Systems as Accredited Trainer.

Combine my professional activities with teaching, collaborating on various MBA programs.

Since 2000, professor in the executive MBA programs La Salle Business Engineering School (University Ramon Llull).

I’ve been a partner in the ESADE MBA and I’ve taught creative thinking sessions EsadeCreapolis.

I also had the possibility to collaborate on development programs in different universities: UPC, UB, and UCLM.

I have started a Ph.D. in Management Sciences at ESADE.

I consider myself a cocktail of strategy, creativity, humor and honesty in a free soul.

My main concern is the continued exploration as an essential element in order to add value to all environments, both personally and professionally.

In 2004, DCI launched the project with the aim to develop projects in the field of creative thinking and innovation in organizations.


Fonfria Venanci

My academic and professional curriculum mentioned that I am BA in Psychology, with additional training and specialized in Human Resource Management, Coaching Structural, NLP, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, and with extensive management experience in Human Resource Management and Coaching.

Also, and as a personal concern in parallel with my business career with training in performing arts and extensive experience as an actor and theater director.

My other curriculum, the people who know me and support me, I would mention that I am anxious to know a person, disclose, experience, create and grow, for the evolution and development of skills and competencies of individuals and organizations with vision and desires to move forward. And fully involved in helping and accompanying towards achieving goals and objectives, despite the limitations.

If the chance is all the things we do not know the cause, open to new experiences and knowledge with the desire to apply, and within our own coherence, provides us forward on a range of potentially feasible options.


Customers - Sectors
Our customers are in all sectors of society, industry, services, public sector and nonprofit organizations. What unites them is their desire to stay one step ahead of their competitors or face significant strategic challenges.

These challenges may include changes in the industry as a result of new technologies or new entrants, changes in requirements and behavior of customers, or internal challenges as new staff skills or changes in competition.